Whether you're a seasoned pro or a player who just started out and is wondering what the heck is that... thing walking around in front of you, you need a tutorial.

Beginner TutorialsEdit

Buildcraft Installation - Step by step process for installing Buildcraft manually.

Pipes for Beginners - Explains the essential structures.

Getting Started - You just installed Buildcraft and don't know what to do? This tutorial will show you some first steps.

Hold My Hand - For those who just can't figure anything out on their own, this tutorial is (hopefully!) simple enough to follow and detailed enough that you don't miss any key steps in the process of starting from scratch to building your own fully functional automatic quarry.

General TutorialsEdit

Power Grid - Make a power grid and keep all of your machines happy and juiced up.

Tree Harvesting with Fillers - Never need an axe again.

Tips and Tricks - How to make our life simpler.

video Automatic Tree Farm  -

video Build an oil well and refine oil to fuel  - 

Tutorials list: (beta) Edit

Tutorials/Buildcraft InstallationTutorials/Getting StartedTutorials/HoldMyHand
Tutorials/Pipes for BeginnersTutorials/Power GridTutorials/Pumping Oil
Tutorials/Rapidly building a village with BuildCraftTutorials/Running RefineriesTutorials/Tools' Factory
Tutorials/Tools' Factory/Discussion pageTutorials/Tree Harvesting with Fillers
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