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Available in Buildcraft version 3.1.5 and 6.0.3 onwards

A stripe pipe is a pipe that uses items passing through it on the block in front of the pipe similar to if the player right-clicked with the item. For example, blocks passed through a stripe pipe will be placed in front of the pipe, and if a hoe is passed through a stripe pipe the pipe will use the hoe to turn dirt to farmland if there is a dirt block in front.


Gold Gear


Gold Gear

Stripe Pipe


  • 2 x Gold Gear
  • 1 x Glass

Produces: 8 x Stripe Pipe

See: Crafting Guide



Stripe pipes can be used (though rather inefficently) to create fully automated wheat farms. When a hoe passes through the pipe, it will till the grass or dirt block directly in front of it, leaving the hoe on the ground. After that you can send seeds then bonemeal through the pipe and the seeds will be planted, again in the one block directly in front of the pipe, then fertilised and fully grown. Powering the pipe with an engine once the wheat has grown allows it to harvest the wheat.

Incorrect use left, correct use right.

Note, while it is possible to till and plant a block that is on the same level as the pipe (see lefthand panel in image to right), it cannot have bonemeal applied, nor the wheat autoharvested. For best results the dirt block should be one level lower (righthand panel, right), with the wheat growing on the same level as the stripe pipe.

Autobuilding transport pipes[]

Using stripes pipe to autobuild a transport pipe

The stripe pipe can also be used to autobuild a transport pipe. Simply place it on the end of a short length of transport pipe, then send more transport pipe down the pipe. The stripes pipe will replace itself with the new section of pipe and move one square forward.

Note: This only works with transport pipes. Attempting to send waterproof or conductive pipes into the stripes pipe will crash minecraft.

Note: This method does not work underwater.