Robots are a new addition to BuildCraft 6.1 and above. They add a fun way to do many tasks which are not easily automatable with other BuildCraft machinery, such as tree farming, mob farming, etc. However, it comes at a high recipe and usage cost - they use power from an engine. With a simple way to program them, they can become a useful tool.

Recipe Edit


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  • 5 x Iron Ingot
  • 2 x Diamond Chipset
  • 1 x Redstone Crystal
  • 1 x Crafting Table

The result : Your well-earned Robot.

When a robot is created, it isn't programmed. You will program it later.

Programming Edit

To start off, you will need to craft a Redstone Board. This redstone board will be holding the program for your robot. Follow the guide for programming a Redstone Board for help. After selecting the program for your robot, you must go to an Integration Table and install the redstone board.
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Types of robots listed below.

Program Name Program Description
Carrier Moves items between inventories
Tank moves tanks
Picker Picks up items
Butcher Fights animals
Farmer Hoes dirt
Harvester Harvests mature crops
Lumberjack Breaks logs
Planter Plants crops
Pump Pumps out liquids
Leaf Cutter Cuts leaves
Miner Mines ores
Shovelman Shovels area
Bomber Bombs locations
Delivery Delivers items upon request
Knight Fights mobs
Stripes Places and breaks blocks randomly around your world
Builder Builds structures

Docking Stations Edit

Crafting Edit

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  • Docking Station

Usage Edit

To use robots, you will need docking stations.The first thing you need to set up is the home base for the robot. To do that, you will need to place a docking station onto a kinesis pipe, if using BuildCraft engines you will need to use a wooden kinesis pipe, if using a Non-BuildCraft compatible power source (RF) you will need to use an emerald kinesis pipe. After that you will place the robot onto that docking station. For each docking station you have, you will need to have a gate on it.

Programming Gates Edit

In the case of robots, gates are put onto a pipe with a docking station on it to program the docking station. It is recommended to use quartz gates or higher depending on what you are doing.

Home Bases Edit

There is at least one program you need for each home base. This would be the Work In Area program. It will have requirement of a map location.