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Area of Effect powered with a Combustion Engine.

Area of Effect powered with a Redstone Engine

The obsidian pipe will automatically collect items that come into contact with it, provided it is connected to exactly one other pipe. Applying power from an engine to the pipe will increase the range of items it can collect by 1 or more blocks, depending upon the power of the engine.

Redstone engines gather up one item per stroke, while other engines gather multiple items up at a time. Without the engine, items must touch the pipe in order to be collected.

The obsidian pipe can also extract items from the inventory of a minecart with a chest. A much less expensive way to increase the effective range of a obsidian pipe is to use many water source blocks to make the items flow towards the obsidian pipe.

Obsidian pipes will not connect to other obsidian pipes, and cannot be made waterproof or conductive.





Obsidian Pipe

Obsidian Pipe

Obsidian Pipe


  • 2 x Obsidian
  • 1 x Glass

Produces: 8 x Obsidian Pipe

See: Crafting Guide

Setup Demonstration[]


Obsidian Transport Pipe - Buildcraft In Less Than 90 Seconds