Here are Non-BuildCraft Items that are needed to create or use BuildCraft items:

Grid Cactus Green.pngCactus Green is needed to craft Pipe Waterproof.
Grid Cobblestone.pngCobblestone is needed to craft Steam EnginesCobblestone Pipes and Stone Gears.
Grid Diamond.pngDiamonds are needed to craft Diamond Pipes, Diamond Gears , Lasers, and Redstone Diamond Chipset.
Grid Glass.pngGlass is needed to craft Pipes, Tanks, and engines of all kinds.
Grid Gravel.pngGravel is needed to craft Structure Pipes
Grid Gold Ingot.pngGold Ingots are needed to craft Gold Pipes, Gold Gears, and Redstone Gold Chipset.
Grid Iron Ingot.pngIron Ingots are needed to craft Iron Pipes, Iron Gears, Combustion Engines, and Redstone Iron Chipset.
Grid Obsidian.pngObsidian is needed to craft Obsidian Pipes, Assembly Tables, and Lasers.
Grid Piston.pngPistons are needed to craft all BuildCraft Engines and the Filtered Buffer .
Grid Redstone Dust.pngRedstone Dust is needed to craft Conductive Pipes, Chipsets, and many other items.
Grid Redstone Torch.pngRedstone Torches are needed to craft Refineries.
Grid Stick.pngSticks are needed to craft Wood Gears.
Grid Stone.pngStone is needed to craft Stone Pipes.
Grid Wooden Planks.pngWooden Planks are needed to craft Redstone Engines, Wooden Pipes and Filtered Buffers.
RedBlueGreenYellow.gif Dyes are needed to create pipe wires

Grid Crafting Table.pngCrafting Tables are needed to craft Automatic Crafting Tables.

Grid Chest.png

Chests are needed to craft Filtered Buffers

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