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Landmarks define the areas in which the Quarry, Filler and Template Drawing Table operate in. Depending on the shape required, more than one may be necessary (such as a three-dimensional shape for the builder). Landmarks can be placed on glass blocks.



Redstone Torch





  • 1 x Lapis Lazuli
  • 1 x Redstone Torch

Produces: 1 x Landmark

See: Crafting Guide


When you have placed 2 or more landmarks, right click on one. They will then be "connected" by red beams of light. The beams of light mark the lines that will be used by the machine that is attached. Terrain will not stop the red beams, but they are not infinite.(limit is 63 blocks on any axis.)

Connected landmarks.

Connected landmarks in a 3D area. Notice how the top landmarks are straight horizontal.

Placing a machine next to an activated landmark will cause all connected landmarks to pop off the ground. Be sure to pick them up again. (placing it on, or inside the red lines will do nothing.)

Note: If using landmarks to define an area for a quarry, care must be taken as placing the quarry on or within the boundary will result in the loss of your quarry.

To aid in lining up your landmarks, you can power a landmark with a redstone signal. Powering a landmark with redstone will cause it to project blue beams of light along each axis for 63 blocks which are not stopped by terrain. When in multiplayer, chunks not loaded in the area specified will cause the landmarks to glitch.

A powered landmark.

A landmark laser passing through terrain.

Aside from defining the operational area for machines, landmarks can be useful for marking reference lines within the world for when you are building a structure by hand or trying to connect a tunnel to an exact location. Likewise, the blue beam that rises from the top of a redstone-powered landmark can be seen from a great distance, marking important locations that otherwise might be difficult to find again.