Energy is needed to operate machines as well as extracting items out of chests, automatic crafting tables and furnaces. BuildCraft uses the MJ power up till 1.6.4 and in 1.11.2 and 1.12.2, and the RF power in 1.7.2 and 1.8.


BC Engines

BuildCraft's three engines, (from left to right) the Redstone Engine, Stirling Engine, and Combustion Engine.

Engines are used to produce energy.

There are three types of engines:

Redstone Engine: Cheapest engine that produces the least energy. It only needs a redstone signal to work, but cannot be connected to a power grid and isn't able to run most machines.

Steam Engine (Stirling Engine): Produces a good amount of energy but needs burnable items to run.

Combustion Engine: Produces a lot of energy, explodes if not cooled with water. Needs fuel to run most efficient but also accepts oil (only accepts lava prior to 4.1).

Conductive PipesEdit

A machine can be powered by placing the engine next to it, however, there is a more comfortable way to power them by using conductive pipes and having all engines at a central power plant.

Conductive pipes extracting energy out of combustion engines

Wooden conductive pipes are needed to extract the energy from the engines so that the energy can be transferred by stone or golden conductive pipes to the target machine.

Extracting itemsEdit

Items can be extracted out of chests, furnaces and automatic crafting tables by attaching wooden pipes to them.

Wooden Pipe

Extracting items out of a chest

Wooden pipes must be powered by an engine next to it, depending on the engine used, they will extract different quantities of items at once.