First available in BC 3.4.2 (for MC 1.4.7)

The emerald pipe set up to extract from a chest.

Emerald pipes are advanced versions of the basic wooden transport pipe, and allow a filter to be applied to limit what the pipe can extract. Similar to wooden pipes, they do not connect to themselves but should be placed beside an inventory block, powered with an engine or autarchic gate and connected to a further transport pipe. They were later replaced with the Diamond Wooden Pipe in version 7.99 for MC 1.12.2.

The Emerald Pipe GUI (Outdated).

The filter functions in a 'blocking round robin' style, meaning for example if you connect the pipe to a chest and specify dirt and cobblestone in your filter then the pipe will extract first a block of dirt, then cobblestone, then dirt again, leaving other materials in the chest. If the chest runs out of either dirt or cobble then it will stop extracting altogether as it will wait for that material before continuing.

In recent versions, the player can choose between three modes:Whitelist mode, Blacklist mode and finally the "blocking round robin" mode. The whitelist mode will extract only the items in the filter, while the blacklist mode will extract everything except for the items in the fiter.

Recipe[edit | edit source]




Emerald Transport Pipe


  • 2 x Emeralds
  • 1 x Glass

Produces: 8 x Emerald Pipes

See: Crafting Guide

Video Tutorial[edit | edit source]


Emerald Pipe - Buildcraft In Less Than 90 Seconds

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