A distillery is a block that uses a BuildCraft fluid and MJ to produce two different BuildCraft fluids: A gas and a liquid. The outputs depend on the input fluid and temperature (cool, hot, or searing). The fluid must be input into any of the four horizontal sides of the distillery, the gas outputs from the top, and the liquid outputs from the bottom. Both these outputs require an extraction pipe.

Inputs and outputs Edit

The output temperatures are always the same as the input temperature. The numbers in parentheses are the number of buckets.

Input fluid Temperature Output gas Output liquid
Oil (8) cool Gaseous Fuel (16) Heavy Oil (3)
hot Mixed Light Fuels (10) Dense Oil (2)
searing Distilled Oil (8) Residue (1)
Heavy Oil (3) hot Fuel (4) Dense Oil (2)
searing Mixed Heavy Fuels (5) Residue (1)
Dense oil (2) searing Dense Fuel (2) Residue (1)
Mixed Heavy Fuels (5) hot Fuel (4) Dense Fuel (2)
Mixed Light Fuels (10) cool Fuel (16) Gaseous Fuel (4)
Distilled Oil (8) cool Gaseous Fuel (16) Mixed Heavy Fuels (5)
hot Mixed Light Fuels (10) Dense Fuel (2)

The distillery has 1 tank to hold input, and 2 tanks to hold the 2 outputs.

In addition to those parts of the block, it also has two tubes either side to indicate how quickly the distillery is operating. If the tubes are black and not moving, the distiller is not in operation. If it has more MJ, it will distil faster, and the tubes will move faster and change color: Progressing through red, orange, yellow, green, teal, and violet/blue for maximum utilization.

Use with a Heat Exchanger Edit

Fluids can be easily cooled down by hooking up a Heat Exchanger to an infinite water source using a pump. However, lava is not the best way to heat up fluids because it is not infinite.

Since distilleries always output the same temperature as their input and often output more buckets than their input, a Heat Exchanger can be used to use the output to reciprocally heat or cool an input before it is distilled. For example, if you have Oil (Cool) and wish to distil it at Hot temperature, you can put one bucket of Oil (Cool) through a Heat Exchanger using Lava heat the oil to Hot, then distil the oil, and cycle the output (ideally the Mixed Light Fuels) back through the Heat Exchanger to heat up the input Oil while cooling the Mixed Light Fuels so it can be used as fuel. Of course you can use any hot fluid as a substitute for Lava – the idea is merely to kick-start the heating process before the distillery outputs a hot fluid.

Fuels Edit

To configure a system of Heat Exchangers and Distilleries, it is useful to know how fuels burn. Note that fuels can only be used inside combustion engines if they are cool.

Fluid Production (MJ/t) Burn time (t/B)
Oil 3 10,000
Distilled Oil 1 30,000
Heavy Oil 2 40,000
Dense Oil 4 30,000
Mixed Light Fuels 3 8,000
Mixed Heavy Fuels 5 9,600
Gaseous Fuel 8 1,875
Fuel 6 10,000
Dense Fuel 4 30,000

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