Correct usage of diamond pipe; however, this could be more efficient if the top and bottom outputs were used instead of a second diamond pipe.

The diamond pipe sorts the items that pass through it into colored outputs, configurable by its right-click accessible GUI. Up to 9 different items can be selected per output. If an item has no match, it will be routed out of a color that has no filter.

Diamond pipes can be waterproofed (now named Fluid Pipes). You will need a Cell, or Bucket of the Liquid you want to Sort.

Diamond pipes can also be turned into Kinesis Pipes. These act as normal kinesis pipes, but can conduct a very high amount of energy.

Recipe[edit | edit source]




Diamond Pipe

Diamond Pipe

Diamond Pipe


  • 2 x Diamond
  • 1 x Glass

Produces: 8 x Diamond Pipes

See: Crafting Guide

Setup Demonstration[edit | edit source]


Diamond Transport Pipe - Tekkit In Less Than 90 Seconds

Usage[edit | edit source]

The GUI of the diamond pipe.

The Diamond Pipe acts as a sort of filter. Multiple Diamond Pipes can act in conjunction to sort every item Minecraft has to offer.

When it is connected to other pipes, the diamond pipe will have different colours for each connection.

Open its GUI by right clicking (as long as you're not currently holding a pipe in your hands) and you'll see something like the image to the right, albeit empty.

Look what is the colour of the connection you want the filtered ores to go through, then place the ores in the filter spaces with the same colour as if you were placing them in a chest. The item will remain in your possession, but a icon of it will appear in the filter. If you want to remove the icon, click on it.

If you leave empty a filter colour that has a pipe connected, whatever isn't filtered to other pipes will go into that.

Leave empty the spaces of the same colour of the pipe's connection that is receiving the items you want to sort.

For example, in the image any cobblestone will be routed through the black connection, and the receiving end of the diamond pipe is a yellow connection.

You can also place multiple copies of the same item in a single row to affect relative probabilities. For example, if you place 2 cobblestone in yellow, and 1 cobblestone in green, 2/3 of your cobblestone will go to the yellow output, 1/3 will go to the green output.

The most efficient use of one diamond pipe is to route cobblestone to one pipe, dirt and gravel to another (or to a small lava pool/void pipe to destroy them), and everything else (leave the coloured filter spaces empty) to the last. Also because you may not have gold ore/iron ore/redstone/diamonds/coal/whatever to set up a more precise filter at first.

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