Minecraft buildcraft Wiki


  • Changed: Pump will not remove water blocks if more than 9 blocks of water are available to improve performance. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Refinery filters are now autoset by the first fluid inserted. They can be reset with wrench + shift-click. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Power perdition on lasers halved. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Transport pipes will not connect to sides without inventory access anymore. (ganymedes01)
  • Bugfix: Fix several issues related to setting doDaylightCycle=false. (Krapht)
  • Bugfix: Tweak to pipe rendering. (IteMeElConquistador)
  • Bugfix: Additional NPE check on pumps. (SandGrainOne)
  • Bugfix: Power tweaks. (Flow86, CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Added flood gate recipe. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Localization for assembly table. (enkunkun)
  • Bugfix: Minor tweaks and bugfixes to wrenches, pipe rendering, fluid icons. (CovertJaguar)
  • Nothing


  • Bugfix: Fixed a critical issue with the safetime tracker. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Fixed a dupe glitch in the automatic work bench. (CovertJaguar)


  • Updated: Newer Forge, fluid system and Minecraft 1.6.2. (CovertJaguar)
  • Added: Lapis Transport Pipe . Can colour-mark items passing through it. (CovertJaguar)
  • Added: Daizuli Transport Pipe . Acts similar to an iron pipe for colour-marked transport items. (CovertJaguar)
  • Added: Flood Gate . A reverse pump. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfixes: Several. (Several Contributors)
  • API: Improved and streamlined all APIs related to pipes and pipe connections. (CovertJaguar)


  • Added: Filtered Buffer. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=*Fusb7bEQW4 (SandGrainOne)
  • Changed: Added colour modifier support to facades. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Tweaked selection box for plugs to make it easier to place plugs even on adjacent pipes. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Fixed log rotation recipes for facades again. (cpw)
  • Bugfix: Fixed edge case where the ACT might not consider items as crafting equivalents if those were registered multiple times with the ore dictionary.


  • Changed: Reduced oil spawns in deserts. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with wooden conductive pipes. Pipes now only request when power when it is needed somewhere in the system.


  • Added: Horizontal filler pattern. (CovertJaguar)
  • Added: Quartz transport and conductive pipes. Transport has half the friction of stone and won’t connect to stone or cobblestone. Conductive has 64 MJ/t capacity. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Redone mechanics for conductive pipes. No more explosions, no more power loops, no more loss over distance. Type of pipe now determines max carried power. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Buffed Automatic Crafting Table. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Support for metadata >= 16 on facade calls. (Binnie)
  • Changed: Multiple engines can now connect to a single wooden pipe.
  • Changed: Some tweaks to oils, oil biomes. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Combustion engines accept liquids via right*click. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Flatten pattern now less stupid. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Some filler changes. (immibis)
  • Bugfix: Mining well breaks pipes when invalidated. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Wooden pipes now render power. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Markers are now less derpy. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Fixed minor AWB gui issue. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Fixed ACT eating Minium Stones. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Fixed dupe bug. (SandGrainOne)


  • Added: Oil biomes! Additional changes to oil generation. (CovertJaguar)
  • Added: Pump control list. Can be used to prohibit the pumping of specific liquids in specific dimensions. (immibis)
  • Changed: Rewrote the Auto Crafting Table from the ground up. Now called “Auto Workbench”. 100 % compatible with vanilla hoppers. Items that cannot stack can’t be used in them anymore. They will not pull from adjacent inventories anymore, use hoppers/chutes instead. Crafting now has a time cost, the auto workbench does however not require power. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Improved oil physics to produce behaviour between water and lava. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Oil is now flammable. (viliml, Krapht, CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Stirling engine only accepts valid fuels from pipes. Combustion engines accepts liquids containers and ice.
  • Bugfix: Several fixes to the laser crafting table. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Pipe wire state now persists on reload. (target*san)
  • Bugfix: Removed builder crafting recipe, builder from creative inventory. (mcrobin4002, SirSengir)
  • Bugfix: Disabled grass facades. (Krapht)
  • Bugfix: Fixed crash on facade removal. (Flow86)
  • Bugfix: Fixed addToRandomInventory. (Flow86, CovertJaguar)


  • Bugfix: Several fixes to behaviour of pipes. Fixed a crashbug. (CovertJaguar, Player)


  • Added: Pipe plugs. (Krapht)
  • Added: Config option to disable oil springs. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Some more tweaks to oil spawn. Oil lakes now also spawn in taiga biomes. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Fire is now considered a soft block. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Pipes with missing info are now deleted. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Vanilla ISided support for extraction pipes. (h/t immibis)
  • Bugfix: Filler flatten pattern no longer stopped by flowers. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Possibly fixed power pipe load issues. (CovertJaguar)


  • Added: Oil springs. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Several improvements to oil spawn. Oil lakes can now also spawn in other biomes. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Better API for pipe connections. (Krapht, Flow86)
  • Changed: Moved block registration to FML. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Decreased packet size for pipe synch. (Krapht)
  • Changed: Wrenches now also use Forge’s rotation methods. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Proper blending when rendering liquids in tanks or pipes. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Several updates to fluid blocks. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Added synching of NBT data for items in pipes. (davboecki)
  • Changed: Improved refinery render. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Renamed the hopper to chute. (CovertJaguar)
  • Changed: Some minor optimizations to engines and their rendering. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Fixed redstone engine lockups. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Fixed gate rendering. (Krapht)
  • Bugfix: Fixed NPE when destroying markers. (Prototik)
  • Bugfix: Added correct particle textures for engines. (viliml)
  • Bugfix: Include all metadata versions when generating facades. (Krapht)
  • Bugfix: Fix pipe textures not being refreshed correctly when switching texture packs. (Krapht)
  • Bugfix: Fixed several bad texture bindings in TESRs. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Iterate over all inventory slots and do not stop on first invalid slot when inserting via pipes. (Need4Speed402)
  • API: IMC calls to ban oil from certain biomes or allow oil lakes in them. (CovertJaguar, h/t Aroma1997)


Straight port to Minecraft version 1.5.1


  • Added: Glass facades. (Krapht)
  • Changed: Autarchic gates now always pulse at a single, fast rate. (cpw)
  • Bugfix: Vines now marked as soft blocks. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Prevented crash if world gen is disabled. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Fixed NPE when liquid in tank has ceased to exist. (Krapht)
  • Bugfix: Fixed /buildcraft not working in SSP. (viper283)
  • Bugfix: Fixed tank filling. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Pipe items now registered with FML. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Version check now threaded. (Pahimar)
  • Localization: Several updates to locations. (Contributors)


Compatible with MineCraft 1.4.7

  • Added: Creative tab for BC items.
  • Added: 3D rendering of items in pipes. (cpw)
  • Removed: Functionality from builder until it can be fixed to prevent world corruption. (pahimar)
  • Bugfix: Fixed fuel burning in combustion engines. Yielded one tick too much energy before. (snyke7)
  • Bugfix: Fixed quarries breaking bedrock. (CovertJaguar)
  • Bugfix: Pipe gui closes when pipe is destroyed. (aznhe21)
  • Bugfix: Fixed display issues due to overflow on combustion engines. (psxlover)
  • Bugfix: Added a sanity to check to emerald pipes to prevent crashes when another mod returns an invalid itemstack.


  • Added: Emerald transport and liquid pipes. (CovertJaguar)
  • Added: Spring water source blocks at bedrock level.
  • Changed: Wood pipe and redstone engine recipes now use wood from the ore dictionary.
  • Changed: Coordinates of invalid pipes are now logged. (agaricusb)
  • Bugfix: Fixed item drops on world load. (davboecki)
  • Bugfix: Proper side checking for liquid pipe connections. (King_Lemming)


2.2.14 / 3.1.5[]

  • Compatible with Minecraft 1.2.5

(2.2.13) / 3.1.3[]

  • FIX: wooden/iron pipes input/output slots
  • FIX: NPE in assembly tables
  • FIX: builder stopping before end of work
  • FIX: enchanted items losing enchants when transported via pipe
  • FIX: laser spawning
  • FIX: gate performances problems with signal and redstone
  • FIX: iron engines doesn’t support non-bucket items
  • FIX: fix glowstone in blueprints

(2.2.12) / 3.1.2[]

For Minecraft 1.1.0

BC 2.2.12

  • FIX: graphical glitches when using several sub-mods adding pipes.
  • FIX: dupe bug in SMP machines
  • FIX: create hook to avoid deleting water

3.1.2 changes

  • FIX: buckets disapear when used on tanks
  • FIX: Blueprint names are now given through “subname”
  • FIX: background slot rendering issue
  • ADD: API hooks to add data to passive items.
  • ADD: Blueprints now offer an ON/OFF/LOOP action, allowing them to be reset.
  • FIX: Robot laser not being removed on robot deletion.
  • FIX: Blueprints should be much more resistant to exceptions.
  • FIX: Vines are now supported in blueprints.
  • FIX: Builders now correctly placed the appropriate engine.
  • CHANGE: Modders can now override the method creating the engine behavior
  • FIX: tanks should not store liquid in blueprints
  • CHANGE: Modders can now refine connection between different transport classes.
  • CHANGE: support to “use” a tool instead of “consuming” it. It is now possible to specify how to use a tool in a block placed by a blueprint.
  • FIX: Fillers are now fully supported in blueprint.
  • CHANGE: Major code optimization have been done, in particular in pipes and engines.
  • CHANGE: When interracting with a tank, an item that has no container will safely be consumed.
  • CHANGE: Diamond pipes don’t use real items anymore, but only store the item kind.
  • FIX: Blueprint are now resistant to changes in item ids.
  • FIX: Requirements for blueprint blocks are now stored in the blueprint, improving modding support.
  • FIX: potential NPE in builders.
  • CHANGE: Pipes now explode when containing more than X stacks. Before that, they will try to group items automatically.
  • FIX: Fillers can now plant seeds, and use items in general.
  • FIX: Exceptions in path markers when markers are too far away are fixed.
  • CHANGE: Modders can now modify the behavior of a pipe when it reaches a side


Versions Missing


2.2.1 Release notes[]

  • SMP pipe render client freeze
    Problem related to freeze when using pipes in SMP should be fixed.
  • Increase oil quantity in medium deposits
    Medium oil deposits are now twice as frequent, and contain slightly more oil.
  • Wrong icon in markers when traveling in pipes
    Icon of markers when traveling in pipes have been fixed.
  • Port to SMP
    BuildCraft have been (re) ported to SMP.
  • Opening autocrafting table in SMP kicks client
    Auto-crafting table does crash anymore when openned from the client.
  • Liquids spawn next to tank if taken out
    Liquids can now be correctly collected from tanks.
  • Stone engines burn animation broken
    Stone engine fire animation has been fixed in the GUI.
  • Oil bucket config
    Oil and fuel bucket configuration has been fixed.
  • Empty bucket in iron engine prevents cooling.
    Iron engine can now cool down even if they contain an empty bucket.
  • Used Forge ISidedInventory interfaece.
    ISidedInventory interface is now used, enabling interaction between pipes and
    Forge compatible inventories such as RedPower or IndustrialCraft.
  • Add liquids hook
    Liquids hooks have been added, for sub-modding.
  • Iron pipes don't bounce items
    Iron pipe are able to bounce items again.
  • Oil generation is buggy
    Cases of no oil generated, or too much oil, should be fixed.
  • Unstable wooden pipe source
    Source of wooden pipes should not switch randomly anymore.

2.2.0 Release notes[]

  • Fix HD textures
    HD texture are now properly supported with liquids.
  • Do not open diamond pipe with pipe
    Diamond pipes will not open when right clicked with a pipe in hand.
  • Support random liquids in pumps /pipes/tanks
    Pipes, pumps and tanks now support any kind of liquid.
  • Use water to cool iron engines
    Iron engines can now be cooled with water.
  • Implement fuel
    Fuel, refined from oil, has been implemented.
  • Review pipes classes
    All pipes now only use one block id now, and liquids are transfered through
    dedicated pipes.
  • Implement power transport
    Power can be transported through dedicated pipes.
  • Review engine heating
    Iron engine now heats all the time in usage.
  • Investigate marker exception
    Markers exceptions have been fixed.
  • Implement refinery
    A refinery has been implemented. So far, only transforms oil into fuel.
  • Scaffolding collisionbox still full block sized
    Fixed collision box for quarry frame.
  • ID conflict detector not intelligent about oil IDs
    Fixed automatic id resolution when oil id changes.
  • Disable buildcraft specific blocks generation
    A specific option has been added to deactivate BuildCraft world generation
  • Improve liquid pipe behavior
    Liquid movements in pipes has been changed to avoid liquids getting stuck.
  • Add lava to the iron engine fuel
    Lava can now be used to fuel an iron engine.
  • Implement filling from tanks to buckets and reverse
    Bucket can now be used to fill tanks or get liquids from tanks.

2.2.0 Release notes[]

  • Fix pipes bounding boxes
    The boxes around the pipes are now fixed, improving selection / deselection.
  • Error setting quarries with markers in SMP
    Quarries set with custom sizes are now fixed in SMP.
  • Investigate exception with recipe book
    The Mining Well exception is now fix with the recipe book.
  • Deactivate light effects on engines
    Engine no longer have (wrong) light effects.
  • Investigate recursion in tanks
    Infinite recursion in tanks is fixed Release notes[]

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