Fuel Distilling (previously known as refinery) BuildCraft 7.99.12 Alpha for Minecraft 1.12.2.

  • Distilling Oil(cool) will result in Gaseous Fuel(cool) and Heavy Oil(cool)
  • Distilling Oil(hot) will result in Mixed Light Fuels(hot) and Dense Oil(hot)
  • Distilling Oil(searing) will result in Distilled Oil(searing) and Residue(searing)
  • Distilling Heavy Oil(hot) will output Fuel(hot) and Dense Oil(hot)
  • Distilling Heavy Oil(searing) will output Mixed Heavy Fuels(searing) and Residue(searing)
  • Distilling Dense Oil(searing) will output Dense Fuel(searing) and Residue(searing)
  • Distilling Mixed Heavy Fuels(hot) will output Fuel(hot) and Dense Fuel(hot)
  • Distilling Mixed Light Fuels(cool) will output Fuel(cool) and Gaseous Fuel(cool)
  • Distilling Distilled Oil(cool) will output Gaseous Fuel(cool) and Mixed Heavy Fuels(cool)
  • Distilling Distilled Oil(hot) will output Mixed Light Fuels(hot) Dense Fuel(hot)

Note: Place a wooden pipe top of the Distillery to extract the gas and on the bottom of the Distillery to extract the fluid.