Blueprint Library
A Blueprint Library is a repository for templates and blueprints.

Adding a template or blueprint to the library will save the stored information to your hard drive, so you can share templates between worlds and between users. You can also use the Blueprint Library to write stored structures to templates and blueprints.

Once placed, a stone pick or greater is required to retrieve the Blueprint Library.

Recipe Edit


Produces: 1 x Blueprint Library

see: Crafting Guide

Usage Edit


Saving a blueprint to the library.

To save a template or blueprint, open the Blueprint Library GUI by right clicking on it, and place the template or blueprint in the GUI slot next to the arrow pointing left. After a short period, the name of the template or blueprint will appear in the list on the left of the GUI, and the template or blueprint is moved to the GUI slot on the left of the arrow. It is now saved to the hard drive. If you place a template or blueprint in the save slot while there is one in the slot to the left of the arrow, the process will stop at 100% and wait for you to remove the previously saved template or blueprint.

Writing to a blueprint.

You can write the information to a new template or blueprint by placing it in the slot next to the arrow pointing right, and selecting the structure to write from the list on the left. The template or blueprint does not have to be blank to be written to, but it will be overwritten if it is not.

WARNING: Do not save a template and then write it to a blueprint. Placing this into a builder will crash your world, and you will not be able to open it again (unless you change the builder block id in the configs, which will remove all builders from your entire world, or use 3rd party software to remove the builder).

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