A Builder in action.

NOTE:Since BC 3.4.2 the builder is currently disabled due to major bugs (This is enabled in BC 7). The filler is

Template Drawing Table ready for a template.

therefore the only useful machine mentioned.

These machines are needed to automatically build structures. Whether you want a large box, or a monument to pixel art, one of these will do it for you.

Template Drawing TableEdit

Builders require templates, and the Template Drawing Table is needed to fill in the templates with building instructions. Buildcraft 2.x only


A Template will store block position information only, so builders can recreate simple structures again and again.

Architect TableEdit

The architect table creates Blueprints and Templates for the Builder. Blueprints can place exact blocks instead of whatever the builder is given. Buildcraft 3.x only


A Blueprint will store block type and position information, so builders can recreate complex structures again and again.



A filler ready to go.

The filler can clear areas, fill them in, or box them in, depending on the pattern you set it to.

Builder Edit

Given some power and materials, the builder will recreate any structure from a template or blueprint. Disabled due to bugs in Buildcraft 3.4.2

Assembly TableEdit

Assembly tables are required to produce late-game items including Redstone ChipsetsPipe Wires and Gates.

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