Assembly tables are required to produce late-game items including Redstone Chipsets, Pipe Wires and Gates. They do not directly use power, but need to be partnered with lasers in order to craft items. Note that they can only craft items from the categories listed above, not to be confused with the functionality of the Automatic Crafting Table.

Recipe[edit | edit source]





Redstone Dust

Diamond Gear




Assembly Table


  • 6 x Obsidian
  • 1 x Diamond
  • 1 x Diamond Gear
  • 1 x Redstone Dust

Produces: 1 x Assembly Table

See: Crafting Guide

Video Tutorial[edit | edit source]


Assembly Table - Buildcraft In Less Than 90 Seconds

Usage for the Assembly Table[edit | edit source]


Right clicking on an assembly table will open the GUI. On the left is an area to put crafting materials. When it contains the materials needed to craft an item, the output item will be displayed in the right side. Clicking on items on the right side will mark them for production, clicking again will un-mark them. If multiple items are marked for production, the assembly table will cycle through them. The item being produced will be highlighted in red and any enqueued items will be highlighted in a darker red. Progress towards the item being crafted is displayed in the bar in the center of the GUI.


A powered laser is needed to make the items on the assembly table. There can be no more than 4 blocks of space between the laser and the assembly table. The orientation of the laser is important, as it needs to be slightly above, and facing, the assembly table. The lasers will not begin powering the table until an output item is selected. If there are multiple lasers in range of an assembly table, they will all focus on the table. If there are multiple assembly tables in range of a laser, it will alternate between all assembly tables that have an item marked for production.

Items produced by the assembly table will pop out into the world. If a chest, furnace, transport pipe is adjacent to the assembly table however, produced items will be placed in them.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

All these recipes require an Assembly Table with powered Lasers. In the Assembly Table, on the right is the output, and on the left are the materials needed.

Conversely, in the recipes listed below outputs are on the left, with required materials on the right.

Chipsets[edit | edit source]

  • Redstone Chipset <- Redstone
  • Iron Chipset <- Redstone + Iron Ingot
  • Gold Chipset <- Redstone + Gold Ingot
  • Diamond Chipset <- Redstone + Diamond
  • Pulsating Chipset x2 <- Redstone + Ender Pearl 

Pipe Wires[edit | edit source]

  • Red Pipe Wire x8 <- Redstone + Iron Ingot + Rose Red
  • Blue Pipe Wire x8 <- Redstone + Iron Ingot + Lapis Lazuli
  • Green Pipe Wire x8 <- Redstone + Iron Ingot + Cactus Green
  • Yellow Pipe Wire x8 <- Redstone + Iron Ingot + Dandelion Yellow pau

Gates[edit | edit source]

  • Gate <- Redstone Chipset & 1 Red Pipe Wire
  • Iron AND/OR Gate <- Iron Chipset, 1 Red Pipe Wire& Blue Pipe Wire
  • Gold AND/OR Gate <- Gold Chipset, 1 each Red, Blue, & Green Pipe Wire
  • Diamond AND/OR Gate <- Diamond Chipset, 1 each Red, Blue, Green, & Yellow Pipe Wire

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • Pipe plug x8 <- Structure pipe
  • Redstone Crystal <- Redstone Block

Any gate can be upgraded to an Autarchic Gate with the gate, a redstone Iron chipset, and a pulsating chipset. e.g.: Autarchic Gold OR Gate requires 1 Gold OR gate, 1 redstone Iron chipset, and 1 pulsating chipset.

In order to upgrade to an Autartic gate, you must place the gate and a pulsating chipset into an integration table . e.g: Autarchic Gold OR Gate requires 1 Gold OR gate and 1 pulsating chipset.

The integration table is not to be confused with an assembly table, they are two separate crafting interfaces.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Recipe power usage[edit | edit source]

Various items require different amounts of energy for production as follows.

Item Energy Cost (MJ)
Pipe wires 500
Pipe plug 1 000
Facades 8 000
Redstone chipset 10 000
Iron chipset 20 000
Gold chipset 40 000
Diamond chipset 80 000
Pulsating chipset 40 000
Gate 20 000
Autarchic gate 10 000
Iron and/or gate 40 000
Autarchic iron and/or gate 20 000
Gold and/or gate 80 000
Autarchic gold and/or gate 40 000
Diamond and/or gate 160 000
Autarchic diamond and/or gate 80 000
Redstone Crystal 10 000 000
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