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For the BuildCraft 2 machine with the same purpose - see this.

The Builder was disabled from version 3.4.2 until Beta Release 6.0.8 disabled due to major bugs, so there is little point to using the Architect Table in these versions.

An Architect table.

An Architect Table will fill a template or blueprint with instructions on building a structure, which can then be used in a builder to recreate the structure.

Once placed, a stone pick or greater is required to retrieve the Architect Table.


Architect Table Recipe
The recipe requires:

Produces: 1 x Architect Table

see: Crafting Guide

Setup Demonstration[]


Architect Table - Buildcraft In Less Than 90 Seconds-1


An Architect Table with a designated area.

To use an Architect Table, you first need to designate an area using landmarks. Place the Architect Table next to an activated landmark to allocate the area.

An Architect Table with a fountain in its area.

Ensure the structure you want to store on the template or blueprint is finished and inside the designated area. The black and yellow guidelines mark the extents of the area, and blocks on the same level or intersected by them will be included in the template or blueprint.

Writing a named template and numbered blueprint

When the structure is complete, place a blank template or blank blueprint into the Architect Table. You can write a name for the structure in the text box in the GUI if you want. The Architect Table will then produce a named template or blueprint which can be used in a builder. If you did not give the structure a name, the resulting template or blueprint will have a number instead.