Advanced crafting table

Advanced Crafting Table being powered

2012-10-28 16.11.36

Advanced Crafting Table's gui with info tab open.

The Advanced Crafting Table is something between an Automatic Crafting Table and an Assembly Table and was added in the BuildCraft 3.2.0  update for Minecraft 1.3.2.

The recipe is placed in the top 3-by-3 matrix, and the resources in the bottom part of the GUI (the tables inventory, not the players'). When powered by a laser it produces the item and puts it in the tables inventory, or if there is no room inside it pops out of the table, or is placed in any connected transport pipe.

The table can't be used like a normal crafting table as the items you put in the crafting grid aren't used and the item that shows up in the result tile can't be picked up. It is much better than the Autocrafting Table as it requires no chests and no pipes, but both would be recommended if you intend on making a lot of stuff.


Crafting GUI.png




Crafting Table


Redstone Chipset




Advanced Crafting Table


Produces: 1x Advanced Crafting Table

See: Crafting Guide


  • When you have its GUI open, the top row of your inventory will act weird, and shift-clicking anything won't work right.
  • When not piping anything out, it will ALWAYS put the result in a new stack, AND put it in all the current stacks that can have more in it, so you can get a lot of crafting results cheap, if they stack.
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